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Frank Pallone
112th Congress, 1st Session
New Jersey$46,528$0$46,528
Frank Pallone
112th Congress, Complete
New Jersey$63,590-$5,016$58,574
Frank Pallone
113th Congress, 1st Session
New Jersey$66,972-$6,255$60,717
Frank Pallone
111th Congress, Complete
New Jersey$111,743-$7,436$104,307
Frank Pallone
111th Congress, 1st session
New Jersey$39,061-$7,436$31,625
Frank Pallone
108th Congress, 1st Session
New Jersey$353,533-$8$353,525
Frank Pallone
110th Congress, 1st Session
New Jersey$37,129-$664$36,465
Frank Pallone
107th Congress, 1st Session
New Jersey$54,672-$1,022$53,650
Frank Pallone
109th Congress, 1st Session
New Jersey$144,633-$328$144,305
Frank Pallone
107th Congress, Complete
New Jersey$84,856-$1,025$83,831
Frank Pallone
110th Congress, Complete
New Jersey$63,524-$882$62,642
Frank Pallone
109th Congress, Complete
New Jersey$449,861-$1,728$448,133
Frank Pallone
108th Congress, Complete
New Jersey$527,821-$90$527,731


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