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Frank Lautenberg
112th Congress, 1st Session
New Jersey$155,931-$47$155,884
Frank Lautenberg
112th Congress, Complete
New Jersey$189,707-$118$189,589
Frank Lautenberg
111th Congress, Complete
New Jersey$186,016-$141$185,875
Frank Lautenberg
108th Congress, 1st Session
New Jersey$588,805$0$588,805
Frank Lautenberg
109th Congress, 1st Session
New Jersey$149,956$0$149,956
Frank Lautenberg
111th Congress, 1st session
New Jersey$74,126-$105$74,021
Frank Lautenberg
110th Congress, 1st Session
New Jersey$77,077-$1,162$75,915
Frank Lautenberg
109th Congress, Complete
New Jersey$242,859-$39$242,820
Frank Lautenberg
108th Congress, Complete
New Jersey$284,200-$103$284,097
Frank Lautenberg
110th Congress, Complete
New Jersey$148,985-$1,163$147,822


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