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Taxpayer's Tab Issue #34 || October 4, 2011

NTUF's Taxpayer's Tab looks at the research that the Foundation conducted in September.


Taxpayer's Tab Issue #33 || September 29, 2011

NTUF looks at the FAST and CUTS Act in the Sept. 27th edition of The Taxpayer's Tab.


Taxpayer's Tab Issue #32 || September 20, 2011

NTUF looks at S. 1517, 21st Century WPA Act, H.R. 745/H.R. 746, Davis-Bacon Repeal Act, and other legislation in this issue of The Taxpayer's Tab.


Taxpayer's Tab Issue #31 || September 13, 2011

NTUF again looks at unemployment insurance and health care legislation in The Taxpayer's Tab for September 13, 2011.


Taxpayer's Tab Issue #30 || September 6, 2011


Taxpayer's Tab Issue #29 || August 31, 2011

NTUF looks at legislation, S. 1137, Medical Innovative Prize Fund Act, that would end drug patents and other bills in this week's Taxpayer's Tab


Taxpayer's Tab Issue #28 || August 23, 2011

NTUF looks at H.R. 676, Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act, H.R. 1782, and H.R. 59, Sunset All Czars Act in this week's Taxpayer's Tab.


Taxpayer's Tab Issue #27 || August 18, 2011

NTUF's Taxpayer's Tab for Aug. 18 includes H.R. 2000, Secure America Through Verification and Enforcement (SAVE) Act and H.R. 2114, Reducing the Size of the Federal Government Through Attrition Act of 2011, among others, as well as NTUF's analysis of the new Congressional Super Committee.


Taxpayer's Tab Issue #26 || August 9, 2011

NTUF reviews legislation from July in its July snapshot.


Taxpayer's Tab Issue #25 || August 2, 2011

NTUF looks at the DIPLOMA Act, the Transportation Empowerment Act, and more in this week's Taxpayer's Tab.



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