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December 21, 2012




Vol. 3 Issue 31 December 21, 2012

Avoid Your Own Fiscal Cliff: Donate to NTUF

The National Taxpayers Union Foundation wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season! We are also looking forward to what we will do together in the New Year.

NTUF has produced some of the best research and commentary on the fiscal issues facing our nation and, with the support of taxpayers like you, we don't plan to stop. Now more than ever, NTUF’s timely analysis and BillTally -- a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive project that tracks the cost of what lawmakers want to spend -- is needed to hold our elected officials accountable.

How can we help put America back on the path to sustainable growth and budgetary sanity? By educating citizens on the issues and often complex proposals that make their way through the halls of Congress. The research produced by NTUF helps taxpayers understand the individual bills that make small changes to the budget as well as the potential larger spending impact of the full list of proposals supported by lawmakers.

We also keep tabs on candidates seeking higher office. During 2012, we examined the spending platforms and campaign agendas of 15 Presidential and Senatorial candidates.

And the best is yet to come in 2013. NTUF will continue to provide the insights and analysis about the hard numbers behind politicians’ soft talk.

NTUF is able to produce timely research for policymakers and taxpayers with the help and support of foundations, small businesses, and Americans -- like you -- who wish to stay informed of their government's spending.

Your gift of $25, $50, or even $10 can help us continue to bring our timely and important research to taxpayers across the country.

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to NTUF before January 1, 2013.

NTUF Scores Thousands of Bills During the 112th Congress...

... And we aren't done yet. So far during this seemingly never-ending 112th Congress, Members in the House have introduced over 6,600 different bills while Senators have introduced nearly 3,700. Of those, NTUF has identified 1,555 that would impact outlays: 1,268 bills to increase spending and 287 to cut spending.

For each cut bill introduced in Congress, there were over four bills to increase spending. The ratio of increases fell slightly within each Chamber since last month. This is largely due to our concerted effort to include as many savings as possible in our recent overview of all the budget-cutting proposals that have been introduced in Congress. The table below shows the breakdown of the bills by Chamber.

Snapshot: Bill Introduction Rates and Number of Scored Bills in the 112th Congress Through 12/17/2012
Chamber Scored Bills Bills to Increase Spending Bills to Decrease Spending Ratio of Increase Bills to Decrease Bills
House 947 763 184 4.1
Senate 608 505 103 4.9
Source: NTUF BillTally System
Note: Data is preliminary.

As part of NTUF’s ongoing BillTally study, our analysts review nearly every single bill introduced in Congress to identify those that would increase or cut spending by at least $1 million. We have also identified 6,710 bills that would have no net impact on spending which include tax-related legislation, regulatory measures, or proposals to rename federal buildings or national landmarks.

photo (2)

The sooner the 112th Congress comes to a close, the sooner we will be able to wrap up our research and release a comprehensive overview early next year showing the net cost of legislation supported by each Member of Congress.

Photo Credit: East Ranch Beacon, Advisor One

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