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November 1, 2012




Vol. 3 Issue 26 November 1, 2012

NTUF Candidate Studies Roundup

A lot of promises are made on the campaign trail, but how could they impact the federal budget? National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF) has analyzed the spending agendas of the candidates in several Senate races -- and also the GOP primaries -- to provide, where possible, hard fiscal data for taxpayers. NTUF's analysts scoured campaign websites, debate transcripts, and other media sources to gather information on any proposal -- from the candidates, in their own words -- that could affect spending. The specific plans were then matched with corresponding legislation and independent sources, such as the Congressional Budget Office. Provisions were also cross-referenced with NTUF's BillTally database -- a collection of thousands of Congressional bills from the previous 18 years. However, some of the proposed items could not be quantifiably scored but were still included in each report.

Since 1991, NTUF's BillTally project has computed the legislative spending agendas of each Member of Congress by analyzing the costs -- and savings -- of the bills that they sponsor or cosponsor. Our goal is to provide the public and the media, with objective, quantifiable information on what Members would like to do with the tax dollars that are sent to Washington. You can search for your Representative or Senators here to see what they support.

Below are the findings and supporting research for each of the Presidential and Senate studies (figures are annualized). Click on the dollar figures to view a comprehensive line-by-line analysis of each candidate’s proposals.

Presidential Race






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