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Taxpayer's Tab Issue #21

August 10, 2012




Vol. 3 Issue 21 August 10, 2012

NTUF & Friends Celebrate Milton Friedman


Friends of NTUF wrote messages on why they support school choice.

Last Tuesday, the National Taxpayers Union Foundation joined with Alexandria Taxpayers United, Blueskin Solutions, the Carleson Center for Public Policy, and Liberty on the Rocks Alexandria to celebrate the life and work of Nobel laureate and economist Milton Friedman.

Over 70 taxpayers from the Washington, DC-area came together to raise a glass to toast liberty and discuss how Friedman would view the current state of high government spending, ever-mounting entitlement liabilities, and increasing conflict over educational choice. Attendees ranged from researchers from local and national organizations, staffers from Capitol Hill, small business owners, to students interested in reducing government spending to manageable levels. Check out our event photos on Flickr here. Everyone was also brought up-to-date on NTUF’s latest BillTally research on proposed government spending in Congress, including an estimate of the potential savings from the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Check out the Issue Brief, Repealing “Obamacare”: A Look Beyond the Media’s Misguided Deficit Focus, here.

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NTUF Executive Vice President Pete Sepp (left) delivers remarks at this year's event.

The event featured the digitized debut of a special exclusive interview between the late NTUF President John Berthoud and Milton Friedman. Friedman was a university professor and an economic advisor to President Reagan who studied the effects government has on the economy through regulations, policy, and central banking. He also had a unique ability to explain complex economic theories so that the average person could understand how the free market helps lift everyone from the shackles of poverty.

In the interview, Berthoud and Friedman explore the rise in anti-trust polices and the many hazards and unintended consequences that have resulted from the government's interference in the marketplace. As a service to taxpayers everywhere, NTUF made this unique and timeless interview available to the public through our YouTube channel. You can check out the full interview here and the highlights video here.



The Milton Friedman Legacy of Freedom Day was celebrated in 141 events all over the world. Special thanks to the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice and the other cosponsors for providing materials and support in our continuing effort to make the research and goals of Milton Friedman a reality.

NTUF Issue Brief: Repealing "Obamacare": A Look Beyond the Media's Misguided Deficit Focus

In a previous edition of the Tab featured BillTally's cost savings analysis of H.R. 6079, the Repeal of Obamacare Act. NTUF Senior Policy Analyst Demian Brady then expanded the article into an issue brief to counter the media's misguided coverage of the repeal bill, which tended to focus on its deficit impact. This story angle underplays the massive tax burdens and spending increases that would be repealed. It also overlooks the tenuous nature of many of the spending reductions included in "Obamacare." For more information, listen to an edition of Speaking of Taxpayers.

In the News: BillTally Data and Tab Content

Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliot featured information originally provided to taxpayers and policymakers in The Taxpayer's Tab in their forthcoming book, Fool Me Twice: Obama's Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed. Highlighted on, the book explores what President Obama might do if reelected and cites NTUF's cost estimate for legislation to re-establish the Works Progress Administration, a New Deal program.

Wonder what other legislation the President might use? Interested in what your Representative or Senator supports? Search the NTUF BillTally database!


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