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Taxpayers Tab Issue #17

October 29, 2010


Vol. 1 Issue 17 October 29, 2010

NTUF U.S. Senate Candidate Study Update

As the nation focuses on November's midterm election, this special edition of the Taxpayer's Tab reports on NTUF's Senate candidate platform analyses. Look for the next issue of the Tab on November 9th!

There is a lot of rhetoric on the campaign trail, but what does it all mean for taxpayers? NTUF's line-by-line analysis of the spending proposed by 11 U.S. Senate candidates in five states provides some clues. NTUF scoured campaign websites, debate transcripts, and new sources, to gather information on any proposals that could impact the level of federal spending for candidates in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. The specific positions, plans, and program expansions were then matched with corresponding legislation and independent sources, such as the Congressional Budget Office. Provisions were also cross-referenced to NTUF's BillTally database -- a collection of thousands of Congressional bills from the previous 18 years. However, some of the proposed items could not be quantifiably scored but were still included in each report.

Below are summarizes for each of the races. Click on the dollar figures to view a comprehensive line-by-line analysis of each candidate's proposals.







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