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Press Release

National Taxpayers Union Foundation & Launch Partnership to Shine Light on Congress’s Spending

August 3, 2011

(Alexandria, VA) – Thanks to a new partnership between two trusted information sources, taxpayers will have many more options to weigh the costs as well as the benefits of proposed bills in Congress. The National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF) and have launched an online initiative that will allow sharing of data and results from NTUF’s BillTally legislative cost-accounting project more quickly than ever before. will make use of BillTally statistics, and NTUF studies on federal legislation, throughout its website (, and to power their cost calculations of legislation.

“NTUF is extremely pleased to offer our research to, an organization that has worked tirelessly to make information on Congressional legislation more accessible to citizens,” said NTUF Director of Congressional Analysis Jeff Dircksen. “Our mission of providing the public with reliable, comprehensive information on the fiscal impact of spending proposals will greatly benefit from this powerful partnership.”

Since 1991, NTUF has computed the legislative spending agendas of Members of Congress by analyzing the costs – and savings – of the bills that they sponsor and cosponsor as part of the BillTally research project. The fiscal estimates generated by NTUF’s BillTally system will now help to power’s cost calculations.  The estimates featured in NTUF’s weekly e-newsletter, The Taxpayer’s Tab – plus hundreds more – will now appear on to make their cost calculations even more robust.

Jim Harper of said, “People want more information about what is happening in Congress, and information about the cost of legislation is more important than ever. The data that the National Taxpayers Union Foundation provides will help's visitors prioritize and debate the issues, which is an important service.” provides a user-friendly and interactive way for the public to learn about legislation. Its features include regular email alerts about what's happening in Congress, active comment boards, and online polls where visitors can vote on bills. The legislative wiki enables lawmakers, public interest groups, lobbyists, trade associations, and others involved in the legislative process to create and edit content about specific bills.

Recent BillTally reports have shed light on the spending cut agenda of the new 112th Congress and how its legislative proposals would impact our nation’s debt and deficit. As well as the massive spending sprees of the 111th Congress.

NTUF is the research affiliate of the 362,000-member National Taxpayers Union, a non-profit taxpayer advocacy group founded in 1969.

For further information Contact: Pete Sepp or Doug Kellogg, (703) 683-5700