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Come Speak Out Against the Bag Ban!
The Austin City Council is scheming to tax and eventually ban all paper and plastic bags. Join area activists at a public meeting to urge Austin city officials to stop dictating consumer choices and keep grocery bags legal!

January 26, 2012


Dear Taxpayer:

Austin politicians just don’t know when to throw some ideas in the trash bin. Next week, city officials will resume debate on a proposal to eliminate your ability to use paper and plastic grocery bags by slapping them with big taxes and eventually banning them altogether. In order to stop this damaging proposal, we need your help at a meeting next week!

The City of Austin will host a forum to debate an ordinance that first imposes a $0.10 tax on those bags, and then prohibits them altogether by 2013. If approved, this scheme would hold the dubious honor of being one of the highest bag taxes in the country.

The good news is you’ll have an opportunity to weigh in and oppose onerous bag bans and taxes. You can speak out by attending a forum at City Hall this coming Monday, January 30th or participate via telephone by calling 888-886-6603 and using code 18004#.


Interactive Forum on the Future of Plastic and Paper Bags in Austin
Monday, January 30, 2012
6:00 p.m.
Austin City Hall Council Chambers

301 W. 2nd St.
Austin, TX 78701


Austin city officials need to focus on more important matters like reducing wasteful spending and right-sizing government. This proposed ordinance places ever higher burdens on taxpayers and businesses. We need your help! Stand up and say “no” to higher taxes and bag bans. Join fellow activists at the meeting to stop the ban in its tracks!



Your Grassroots Action Team at NTU