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NTU Vote Alert: Representatives vote “NO” on H.R. 2847, the so-called Jobs for Main Street Act

December 16, 2009
NTU urges all Representatives to vote “NO” on H.R. 2847, the so-called Jobs for Main Street Act. Introduced by Representative David Obey (D-WI), this misnamed “job creation” bill would pour $150 billion in taxpayer dollars into programs that have failed to spur job growth and decrease unemployment through the recently-enacted “stimulus” bill.

H.R. 2847 would set aside $48 billion for various infrastructure projects such as Transit Assistance and Fixed Guideways, Amtrak, and the Housing Trust Fund. The original stimulus contained funding for many of these same projects, but we have yet to see signs of job creation. In any case, a sizeable portion of the money from that stimulus has not even been spent. Whether these ventures stand any eventual chance of success or not, why put additional money into programs that still have billions to disburse?

Moreover, H.R. 2847 would provide $24 billion to help state governments defray the cost of Medicaid – aid that will not take effect until January 2011. There is no need for Congress to commit to more deficit spending a year in advance. Additional spending and bloated budgets will not solve the crisis we currently face.

A “NO” vote on H.R. 2847, the Jobs for Main Street Act, will be heavily weighted as a pro-taxpayer vote in our annual Rating of Congress.

If you have any questions, please contact NTU Federal Government Affairs Manager Jordan Forbes at (703) 683-5700.