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Citizens Rally throughout Nation for “Cut, Cap, & Balance”

July 14, 2011
By Douglas Kellogg

(Alexandria, VA) - Today, across America, everyday people concerned with our nation’s fiscal future are rallying in favor of a “Cut, Cap, & Balance” approach to fixing the debt crisis. As a co-organizer of the broad coalition supporting this policy, the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) has added the clout of its 362,000 members to many others  (including over 180,000 “Cut, Cap, & Balance” citizen pledge signers) who are getting directly involved by visiting and calling the offices of their Congressmen and women this afternoon.

“The heated ‘inside the beltway’ rhetoric of recent days is nothing compared to the grassroots support across the nation for meaningful spending and budget reform,” said NTU Executive Vice President Pete Sepp, “Today’s rallies will serve as a reminder that the American people want Washington to stop running up the credit card and calling it progress.”

NTU has fought hard for a Balanced Budget Amendment, the ‘Balance’ aspect of “Cut, Cap, & Balance,” which could be particularly effective as it does not require the approval of the President.

Sepp concluded, “With federal expenditures projected to shoot past 30 percent  of GDP, and total debt currently hovering near 100 percent of GDP, the spending side of the ledger is where the flood of red ink must be stopped. Today Americans in communities throughout our nation are taking time to make certain Congress hears this vital message.”

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