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Tax day complaints

WASTE WATCH: School Lunches

Pete Sepp joins Neil Cavuto to talk Internet taxes

NTU Video: President Obama's 'Jobs Act' Spending Oversight Promises Sound Familiar?...

"SmartMoney" VIDEO - Experts Explain: How to Fight Your Property Taxes

C-SPAN's Washington Journal: Pete Sepp Discusses Debt Ceiling and Tax Hikes

Tell President Obama No New Energy Taxes
NTU ad urges taxpayers to tell President Obama that they do not support new taxes on energy.

Pete Sepp discusses budget proposal implications for energy on E&E TV
NTU Executive Vice President Pete Sepp joined E&E TV's Monica Trauzzi to discuss the impact of Paul Ryan's and President Obama's recent budget proposals on energy. You can see video of the full interview at

Pete Sepp discusses Obama tax hikes with Lou Dobbs on Fox Business
NTU Executive Vice President Pete Sepp discusses upcoming middle class tax hikes.

Pete Sepp Fields Questions from Callers on CSPAN
Executive Vice President Pete Sepp discusses questions and comments from callers.

Pete Sepp on CNBC Talking Taxes Buried in the Budget
CNBC Asks NTU Executive Vice President Pete Sepp to discuss the President's budget proposal.

John Stephenson in Colorado talking Taxes, Spending and the Road to Prosperity
An interview with Free Colorado News

Pete Sepp on BBC talking about the looming end of 2001-03 Tax Relief
Executive Vice President Pete Sepp appears on a BBC newscast on the looming expiration of the 2001 and 2003 tax relief bills.

NTUs Latest Video on WA State's I-1098 Income Tax Proposal
I-1098 Advocates believe the Income Tax will lower Property and Business Taxes, but that's not what happened elsewhere.

Pete Sepp on CSPAN talking about State Tax and Ballot Initiatives
Executive Vice President Pete Sepp appeared on CSPAN to discuss NTU's 2010 Ballot Guide.

Pete Sepp on Fox Business to Discuss the Vast New 1099 Requirements
NTU Executive Vice President Pete Sepp appears on Fox Business to talk about the HealthCare Reform bill's new 1099 requirements.

NTU Fights Back Against New Energy Taxes
Congress is at it again – with new energy tax proposals that unfairly target American energy companies. If the tax-hikers succeed, higher prices at the pump, bigger costs for small businesses, and fewer jobs in an industry that employs or supports 9 million Americans will be on the way. Contact your Senator today to say “NO” to these new burdens!

Don't Let Congress Take Away Our Competitive Edge
Congress is debating a tax on domestic energy producers that would help foreign producers like BP.

Pete Sepp Talks About Union and Corporate Political Contributions
Executive Vice President Pete Sepp appears on Fox Business to discuss the current three to one ratio of union to corporate contributions in today's political landscape.

Pete Sepp Discusses DC Government's Blatant Mismanagement of Funds
"It's like somebody gave the keys to a careless teenager, let him go out joyriding and they wrap the car around a tree. It's an incredible bunch of fiscal mismanagement when the agencies themselves undercount their vehicles by over a thousand. They put gas in cars they don't even know they own, and they don't pay traffic tickets and fines," said Pete Sepp of the National Taxpayers Union.

Good Morning America discusses NTU and Property Taxes
Good Morning America mentions NTU's "How to Fight Property Taxes" as a great resource for challenging your property tax assessment.

Today Cites NTU's Guide as a Great Resource to Challenge Property Taxes
Today Show discusses property tax assessments and cites NTU's "How to Fight Property Taxes" guide as the best resource to challenge your property taxes.

Taxpayer Outrage over Bailout
NTU Vice President for Policy and Communications Pete Sepp appeared on CBC News March 17 to discuss taxpayer outrage over the bailout.

Cap-and-Trade on Transportation Costs
Pete Sepp of NTU discusses the cap-and-trade bill and the consequences it will have on transportation costs.

New Jets Ordered for Congress
NTU Vice President for Policy and Communications Pete Sepp appeared on CNN August 6, 2009 discussing the House's appropriating $132 million for extra jets to shuttle Members of Congress around.

What the States Get Back from the Fed
NTU Vice President for Policy and Communications Pete Sepp compares the ratio of what individual states pay in federal taxes to how much they get back in federal spending on the Fox Business Network.

Taking Aim at Congressional Perks
NTU VP Pete Sepp discusses some of the perks Members of Congress enjoy.

Millions Wasted in Unused Government Equipment
NTU Vice President Pete Sepp discusses how the government could save $100 million if it wanted to do so.

National Taxpayers Union's 40th Anniversary Video
In 2009, NTU celebrated its 40th Anniversary. Since 1969, the National Taxpayers Union has led the fight for fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, and limited government. This short video tells the story of NTU and its work over the last 4 decades.

Cut "Ax-Ready" Programs
NTU's Director of Government Affairs Andrew Moylan appeared on Fox Business Network's "America's Nightly Scoreboard" on January 15 to discuss cutting "ax-ready" programs to reduce wasteful spending instead of adopting the U.S. Conference of Mayors' "shovel-ready" projects intended to stimulate the economy.

Health Care Reform - Rhetoric vs Reality
The National Taxpayers Union looks at Obama's rhetoric on health care reform, and then compares it with the reality of the legislation Democrats are trying to pass.