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Outrage of the Week! - Feds Use Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Study that says Internet Sales Tax is A-Okay!

(AUDIO) NTU's Lee Schalk Talks Taxes with Townhall Finance Radio

Outrage of the Week!: Govt. Ignoring “Painless” Shovel-Ready Budget Cuts

Outrage of the Week! (AUDIO): State Senator Puts Luxury Shopping Spree on Taxpayer’s Tab

Outrage of the Week! (AUDIO): Past Presidents Pillage Public Purse

Outrage of the Week!: Contracts in Afghanistan Go Unfinished, but not Unpaid

Outrage of the Week!: Medicare Patient Costs in NY Out of Control

Outrage of the Week!: TSA Workers Unionize, Get More $ for Uniforms than a Marine

Special Edition: 2012 Ballot Guide “The Taxpayer’s Perspective”

Outrage of the Week!: A123’s Federal Handouts Add Up to Zero for Taxpayers

Outrage of the Week!: UN Salaries > Government Salaries > Private Sector Salaries

Outrage of the Week!: Revenge of the Stimulus, Tax $ for Chinese Solar Panels

Calif. to Amazon sellers: We're coming for those sales taxes

Outrage of the Week!: Missing a Tax Refund Check? Someone on Government Assistance May Have It

Outrage of the Week!: Patton Parody Costs Taxpayers

Outrage of the Week!: How are the Simpsons & Supreme Court Justices Costing Taxpayers?!

Outrage of the Week!: How Can it be an Emergency if the Grocery Store's Stocked?

Outrage of the Week!: USDA Wins Gold with Mindboggling $2 Million Intern

Outrage of the Week!: GSA's Other Conferences

Outrage of the Week!: Drone-ing On
Taxpayers have funded multi-million dollar drones that officials have no plans for, keeping them from being put to good use.

Outrage of the Week!: Feds Lose Money Attempting to Save on Medicare Fraud

Outrage of the Week!: Feds Help City Pay $50-per-hour to Youths for Clean Up

Outrage of the Week!: MAP, Helping Your Tax Dollars Find Corporate Pockets Overseas

Outrage of the Week!: Money for Nothing and It’s Not Free

Outrage of the Week!: Online, Off Budget
A 'stimulus' effort in the Tampa area is costing taxpayers around 2 million in a failing effort to spread computers, internet access, and training to low-income developments.

Outrage of the Week!: Dulles Rail Board sure takes a lot of trips...
Why an authority in charge of building a metro line in Virginia would be jetting off to Hawaii and Prague is anyone's guess. Perhaps they haven't heard of teleconferencing...

Outrage of the Week!: Curt Schilling & Rhode Island Development Corp. Strikeout Taxpayers

Outrage of the Week!: Economic Development Admin. Survives, Your Tax Dollars Will Not

Outrage of the Week!: Magically Making Taxpayer Dollars Disappear!

Outrage of the Week!: IRS "Service"
The IRS is falling behind on certain filing and service duties, but never fear more taxpayer cash is heading their way to help ramp up 'enforcement' efforts.

Outrage of the Week!: Afghanistan, or "A Difficult Contracting Environment"

Outrage of the Week!: Shave and a Haircut, 300,000 dollars !?
The Senate barbershop is $300,000 in debt, largely thanks to federal employee benefits. Can business be improved to get taxpayers off the hook?

(AUDIO) NTU's Pete Sepp joins Jim Blasingame to Discuss NTU's New Rating of Congress

Outrage of the Week!: First Solar Buys Own Panels with Govt. Funding
If you guessed First Solar bought its own solar panels with taxpayer dollars, you win! Unfortunately the prize is another bill from the federal government...

Outrage of the Week!: GAO Frisks Homeland Security

Outrage of the Week!: To Infinity & Beyond!

Outrage of the Week!: Bureaucrats Everywhere, GAO Report on Program Redundancy

Outrage of the Week!: Teach a Man to Fish and the Government will Take his Money and Buy a Yacht
Whether it's the federal government, or the city of Los Angeles, bureaucrats seem eager to set sail on the backs of taxpayers.

Outrage of the Week!: Your Current Cell Phone Charges are 1.6 Billion Dollars.
You are paying for cell phones as part of the Universal Service program, thanks to poor oversight perhaps more than one per person.

Outrage of the Week!: Imagine Your Tax Dollars Being Magically Whisked Away to...Delaware...
The Delaware Water Gap National Park is spending federal cash to alleviate a non-existent problem.

Outrage of the Week!: Give Me Shelter!...Bus Shelter.

Outrage of the Week!: Government Hands Ethanol Factory Losses to Taxpayers"

Outrage of the Week!: Chevy Volt Jolts Taxpayers
The Chevy Volt has been the beneficiary of an abundance of taxpayer dollars through its development, and now it's lighting itself on fire?

Speaking of Taxpayers: Outrages of the Year!

Outrage of the Week!: Highway Programs Off Course

Outrage of the Week!: Unemployment Insurance Improper Payments & Fraud

Outrage of the Week!: Salle de Bain? More like Chateau de Bain.

Outrage of the Week!: Major Party Conventions Leave Tab for Taxpayers

Special Action Alert Podcast on House Balanced Budget Amendment

Outrage of the Week!: Rail Employees Railroad Taxpayers with Billion-dollar Fraud

Outrage of the Week!: Building a Better Pecan

Outrage of the Week!: Who's Generator is This?

Outrage of the Week!: Obama Promised "No More Bridges to Nowhere" - Guess What's Back?

Outrage of the Week!: Unemployment Benefit 'Spending Errors'

Pete Sepp discusses taxes and small business on the Jim Blasingame show

Outrage of the Week!: Muffins?! DoJ Splurges on Delectable Catering

Heartland Institute Podcast - Andrew Moylan: Bipartisan cuts to Government Spending

Outrage of the Week!: MTV's Jersey Shore Snags Taxpayer $

Outrage of the Week!: Tax Dollars Pursue Unachievable Coast Guard Program

Outrage of the Week!: Community Development for the Poor Fail

Outrage of the Week!: Fly to Work Every Day? Department of Veterans Affairs Staff Rips Off Taxpayers

Outrage of the Week!: Spending Money to Make Stimulus Money

Outrage of the Week!: Stimulus Jobs Don't Grow on Trees

Outrage of the Week!: Unused Navy Ships Head to Scrap Heap!

Outrage of the Week!: Medicare & Medicaid Fraud Problems Worsening?

Outrage of the Week!: Department of Agriculture Waste

Outrage of the Week: Duplicative Programs Abound

Outrage of the Week: FEMA (enough said)

Outrage of the Week!: Adult Babies? (Even worse than it sounds)

Outrage of the Week: HUD Mismanages $400 Million

Outrage of the Week!: Taxpayer Funded Training for Non-Existent Green Jobs!?

Pete Sepp discusses Online Sales Taxes on the Illinois Policy Institute podcast

Outrage of the Week: Boeing Overcharges Army

Outrage: DoD spends $600,000 on a statue?!
Outrage of the Week: April 22nd 2011

The Government passing out cash in this week's Outrage
The government is just passing around cash at the expense of taxpayers

Stimulus Stimulates Vegetative Roof for GSA
In this week's Outrage: Waste at the GSA

Obamacare Advertising in the week's Outrage
Obamacare propaganda is costing taxpayers

Pete Sepp discusses how citizens can influence their government.
Pete Sepp on the Jim Blasingame Show

The Stimulus Returns in this week's Outrage
The Stimulus Returns with a vengeance.

Pete Sepp discusses budget crises at the state and federal level with radio host Alan Nathan
Main Street Radio’s Alan Nathan Welcomes NTU Executive Vice President Pete Sepp to The Battle Line (

Is the Defense Department overpaying a Swiss company for food in Afghanistan?
Outrage of the Week March 11th Edition

An Interview with Andrew Moylan on Bipartisan Budget Cuts
NTU Director of Government Affairs Andrew Moylan interviewed on a recent collaboration with the liberal Public Interest Research Group.

Pete Sepp talks with Jim Blasingame about improving national tax policy
The November 2010 elections produced many long-term changes in the states. Pete Sepp joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the down-ballot issues that voters approved that has the potential to improve national tax policy.

Pete Sepp Talks Energy Taxes on the Jim Bohannon Show
Pete talks about new energy taxes and answers questions from callers.

Pete Sepp Discusses Unresolved Business Tax Questions
There are several current business tax questions that are going unresolved by Congress, according to Pete Sepp as he joins Jim Blasingame to talk about some of these, including the Alternative Minimum Tax fix, the Bush tax cuts, the research and development deduction, and others.