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An Open Letter to the Wisconsin Senate: Pass the Governor’s Tax Cut Plan!

February 19, 2014

Dear Senator:

On behalf of National Taxpayers Union’s 362,000 members nationwide and our 7,800 members in Wisconsin, I urge you to support AB 1, Governor Walker’s $500 million-plus tax cut plan that would provide $400 million in property tax relief and roughly $100 million in income tax reductions for Wisconsinites. Moreover, the plan would modify income tax withholding rates to return an additional $300 million to hard-working families. The package, which passed with overwhelming support in the State Assembly and in the Joint Committee on Finance, would provide a boost for all taxpayers throughout the Badger State who are struggling in the current economic climate.

By reducing the lowest income tax bracket from 4.4 to 4 percent, AB 1 would save taxpayers $46 per year, on average. On top of that, the plan would save the owner of a $151,000 home – the average value in Wisconsin – about $131 per year. Additionally, with AB 1’s changes to income tax withholding rates, the typical family would hang onto an extra $500 annually. In total, it’s clear that this package gives much-needed relief to taxpayers.

According to the American Legislative Exchange Council, Wisconsin was one of 17 states to cut taxes in 2013, when lawmakers agreed to collapse the number of personal income tax brackets from five to four and reduce rates for all Wisconsinites. While there is still plenty of room for improvement (Wisconsin ranks 43rd in the Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index), AB 1 represents another step in the right direction and should be applauded for its aim to give the state’s working class a boost.

As Governor Walker explained in his State of the State address, taxpayers aren’t clamoring to send more money to Madison, nor are they pleased with the current levels of taxation. Instead, taxpayers throughout Wisconsin agree that lightening the tax burden is the best way to fuel economic growth. By passing AB 1, the State Legislature would send the clear message that lawmakers are committed to the continued reduction of high tax rates. Our members hope you will choose to stand up for Wisconsin’s families by ensuring that AB 1 receives adequate support in the Senate. Taxpayers are counting on you.


Lee Schalk
State Government Affairs Manager