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In 2008, Texas added more jobs than all other 49 states combined. While New York lost over 1.9 million people to domestic migration between 1998 and 2007, Texas added nearly 737,000. This is a testament to Texas’ embrace of fiscal conservatism. Texas levies no tax on personal income, nor does it have an estate tax. It is a Right to Work state. And while the only state with an economy of comparable size, California, is fighting to stave off bankruptcy, Texas’ economy flourishes. But low tax states always face the threat of tax increases from the left, and NTU will continue to fight the call against higher taxes and more spending in the Lone Star State. Check back to our Texas page often for more information on state and local taxpayer groups, our work on behalf of taxpayers in the state, and contact information for your lawmakers.




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Information about Texas' State Government

Governor Rick Perry (R)

Breakdown of State Senate:

Democrats: 12

Republicans: 19

Breakdown of State House:

Democrats: 49

Republicans: 101 

Taxpayer Groups in Texas