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While Ohio may cherish its status as a bellweather state in national elections, its record on tax and budget issues is nothing to boast about. One may point to a recent income tax cut as a sign of progress, but even that cut was replaced by a more onerous Commercial Activity Tax.  Ohio needs honest tax reform and more government transparency and accountability in order to get back on track. We at NTU will continue to fight for our more than 13,500 members in the Buckeye State. Be sure to check back to our Ohio page often for more information on state and local taxpayer groups, our work on behalf of taxpayers in the state, and contact information for your lawmakers.




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Information about Ohio's State Government

Governor John Kasich (R)

Breakdown of State Senate:

Democrats: 10

Republicans: 23

Breakdown of State House:

Democrats: 40

Republicans: 59

Taxpayer Groups in Ohio