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NTU and LouisianaLA

Louisiana has made considerable strides in the way of privatization and government downsizing over the past few years, to the delight of NTU’s more than 3,200 members in the state. Louisiana must continue this trend because even with all its positive steps forward it still has the 10th highest public employee ratio in the country. NTU will continue to work on cutting government in the Pelican State through tax cuts and greater transparency. Be sure to check back to our Louisiana page for information on state and local taxpayer groups, our work on behalf of taxpayers in the state, and contact information for your lawmakers.





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Information about Louisiana's State Government

Governor Bobby Jindal (R)

Breakdown of the State Senate:

Democrats: 17

Republicans: 22

Breakdown of the State House:

Democrats: 46

Republicans: 54

Independents: 4


Taxpayer Groups in Louisiana