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NTU and IdahoID

NTU has nearly 2,500 members in Idaho who are committed to low taxes and a smaller, more accountable government. Despite popular perception, Idaho is not a low-tax state. Its top personal income tax rate is the 11th highest in the country, and its total state and local tax burden is the 13th highest in the country. With continued calls for a gasoline tax increase and more spending, NTU will stay vigilant and fight for responsible government in the state. Be sure to check back to our Idaho page often for information on state and local taxpayer groups, our work on behalf of taxpayers in the state, and contact information for your lawmakers. 


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Information about Idaho's State Government

Governor Butch Otter (R)

Breakdown of the State Senate:

Democrats: 7

Republicans: 28

Breakdown of the State House:

Democrats: 13

Republicans: 57


Taxpayer Groups in Idaho

Idahoans for Tax Reform
PO Box 1325
Boise, Idaho 83701
Web site:

Associated Taxpayers of Idaho
P.O. Box 1665
Boise, Idaho 83701
Phone: (208) 344-5581
Web site: