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Colorado is home to arguably the most important set of taxpayer protections in the country: the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR). TABOR limits the annual growth in state spending to the rates of inflation plus population growth, allows taxpayers to vote on any proposed tax increases, and provides taxpayer refunds of surplus revenue. Since the constitutional amendment was approved at the ballot box in 1992, Coloradans have received billions of dollars in refunds and the state’s economy has weathered economic downturns as well as any other. TABOR is constantly under attack from public employee unions and other entrenched special interests, and its preservation is a key priority for NTU’s more than 7,300 members in the state. Be sure to check back to our Colorado page for information on state and local taxpayer groups, our work on behalf of taxpayers in the state, and contact information for your legislators.


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Information about Colorado's State Government

Governor John Hickenlooper (D)

Breakdown of State Senate:

Democrats: 20

Republicans: 15

Breakdown of State House:

Democrats: 32

Republicans: 33 

Taxpayer Groups in Colorado


Active Citizens Together (ACT), Inc.
P.O. Box 26018
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80936
Phone: (719) 550-0010
Web site:

Americans for Prosperity Colorado
2181 South Columbine Street
Denver, Colorado 80210
Phone: (303) 722-9958
Web site:

Center for Tax Policy
6346 South Newland Court
Littleton, Colorado 80123
Phone: (303) 759-8840
Web site:

Colorado Union of Taxpayers
P.O. Box 24594
Denver, Colorado 80224
Phone: (303) 494-2400
Web site: