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What Happened to America's Favorite Sheriff?

August 5, 2010

Remember Andy Taylor, the rock-solid, good-natured sheriff from Mayberry, North Carolina? Nothing beats those opening credits (yes, I still watch reruns!) when he and his son, Opie (Ron Howard), walk down the country road, fishing rods in hand and whistling in the background. It was one of America's most beloved shows with one of America's most non-controversial actors, right? Eh not so much anymore…

It seems Sheriff Taylor has bought into Obama's health care propaganda. A commercial staring Andy Griffith is now airing nationwide in an effort to sell Obamacare's supposed Medicare benefits and boost unfavorable polling numbers. Here's one line from the ad: "With the new health care law, more good things are coming: free checkups, lower prescription costs, and better ways to protect us and Medicare from fraud." Why the push to senior citizens? Politico says they are the demographic "most skeptical" of the new law.

Here's the worst part: the commercial cost taxpayers $700,000! As if the new health care law wasn't already expensive enough, we're expected to dish out even more in order for Obama and friends to sell lies to the America people.

Andy Griffith's last line? "I think you're going to like it." Don't hold your breath, Sheriff.

Here's the video. Let us know your thoughts!



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User Comments

Submitted by Artie at: August 27, 2010
That's just cruel, exploiting Alzheimer's patients for political gain like that. (For the record, I'd like to know *how* added government bureaucracy can get prescriptions to the market cheaper than the $5 that Wal-Mart has already done in the private sector.)

Submitted by Jim at: August 6, 2010
What did Williams do? Has he completely lost his mnd?

Submitted by Roark at: August 6, 2010
Andy Griffith is the Mayor of Hillary Clinton's "Village".

Submitted by Bob at: August 6, 2010
I was very disappointed in Andy. I thought he was smarter than that!!

Submitted by Poica at: August 6, 2010
700k? Perhaps it's time for true transparancy and let's see a detailed itemised cost breakdown of an expenditure of this money. BHO, I can make this BS commercial for $ 10,000 dollars.

Submitted by LibertyAtStake at: August 5, 2010
Well, Sheriff Andy, how are YOU gonna like it when the monstrosity is repealed? "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"