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VA Beach Taxpayers to Discuss Light Rail

May 4, 2011

Mark your calendars.  Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads taxpayers will have a chance to hear renowned transportation expert Wendell Cox discuss light rail on May 12th.  The event, sponsored by the Virginia Beach Taxpayer Alliance, will be held in the Princess Anne High School Auditorium in Virginia Beach.  It is free and open to the public. 

Doors open at 6:30 pm.  The program begins at 7 pm.

Contact Robert Dean, VBTA Communications Director, at robertkdean at  cox dot net with questions.


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User Comments

Submitted by scorpiorgirl at: May 5, 2011
wonder how long this blog will still be the I said..get real

Submitted by SLP at: May 5, 2011
I came to this website to post the exact sentiments that others have posted. Americans ARE NOT STUPID! Stop trying to scare people with "your gas prices will go up if we have to pay anymore taxes." This industy makes an after tax profit of $300,000 PER SECOND. I think we have now found the reason for the illogical increase in gas prices...a setup for this campaign. You can bet I'll be writing my congressional representatives EVERY DAY demanding they stop the tax break for this industry and I encourage all Americans who are not being suckered by this tactic to do the same.

Submitted by maineyankeesfan at: May 5, 2011
Your ads are complete lies! Who would be stupid enough to fall for them? Oh yes-I forgot about Republicans. Silly me, they're the ones who would vote for Jim Demint now that the creepy John Ensign has been exposed-literally!

Submitted by BHO 2012 at: May 5, 2011
Note to Right Wing and Corporate Nutcases, like the ones who sponsor this site: We're not going to continue giving billion dollar subsidies to Big Oil!

Submitted by doodelbugger at: May 5, 2011
You are all out of your minds, this is a bogus corporate site trying to screw the consumer into thinking that huge rebates to oil companies is a good thing.

Submitted by fatchecker at: May 5, 2011
your commercials are very deceptive, please be honest about your reports?

Submitted by new ad is corportate propganda at: May 5, 2011
corporate taxes are only 5% of the revenue pie while income taxes are 45%....That is despicable. If we don't tax the corporation guess who gets stuck with the bill? US!!!

Submitted by WOW at: May 5, 2011
Non partisan AHAHAHAHAHAHA What a joke. Tax revenues are at a 70 year low as a % of gdp. While income tax is a growing portion of the revenue pie, corporate taxes are not a small sliver. This new ad campaign is nothing but corporate propaganda aimed at Americans feeling the heat at the gas pump. New tax hikes would not affect prices, they would affect corporate profits. That is the only reason this ad is being run. We need to let the price of gas rise naturally and stop subsidizing these mega corporations with our tax payer dollars. When we kick our oil addiction and have more option in terms of energy then we will see energy prices go down. Subsidizing a mature (dying)industry is a waste of tax payer money. Eliminate the tax subsidies!!

Submitted by Businessman Dan at: May 5, 2011
NTU misleads everyone with the latest oil company sympathy campaign. Exxon just reported 11 Billion in profit. I own a business in the energy space that employs 100 people. It is crazy to support tax breaks for the oil companies.

Submitted by john at: May 4, 2011
what lobby supports your lost cause??

Submitted by john at: May 4, 2011
you guys are a bunch of right wing nutscakes

Submitted by bern at: May 4, 2011
we need lite rail here in FL. All we have to do first is get rid of Gov. Rick Scott...