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Tell Illinois Legislators to Vote for Kids!

May 3, 2010

Today, the Illinois House has a unique opportunity to build a better future for Illinois' children and save tax dollars. The Illinois House is voting on SB 2494, a bill that would provide vouchers for parents with children in failing schools to seek a better education elsewhere. The bill is modeled on successful voucher programs used in other states and is revenue neutral. SB 2494 has already passed the Senate. If you live in Illinois, find and contact your Representative in the House by clicking here.

Barely more than half of African American and Hispanic students, including those in Chicago, graduate high school. If we fail in our duty to provide our children a quality education, they'll lack the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to their communities and compete in the global economy. As a result, we see weaker economic growth and more burdens placed on taxpayers. We cannot continue to waste billions of tax dollars on an education system that does not work.

The time has come to try something different. The time to act is now. Click here to contact your House Representative and tell them to support SB 2494.


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User Comments

Submitted by Ivory at: May 11, 2010
I totally agree that the lessons start at home! Guardians should be held accountable (as in Pheniox), for children not adhering to what is expected of them, as children ans students. At the same time, it's good, that a child(who has shown that they want to excel), should be allowed the opportunity to do so, as long as they and their guardian, is ok, with them tramsfering to a better location, with the notion of them being monitored(meaning that their is a crew to make sure that they are not detered by thse who just pretend to want a better education). Competition is fine, as long as it's done with taste, but BULLYING, SHOULD NOT/WILL NOT, be tolerated! PS: Supervision of genuality, is of GREAT importance, as long as that's what's we have, but if not, OUST THEM AS WELL! There is NO time, patience OR tolernance, in the lives of our educations, for such behavior!

Submitted by Get Real at: May 8, 2010
This country has thrown $$$ Billions at education over the last 3-4 decades and from my perspective the Return on Investment has been ZERO. Go back to basics, hold parents accountable, initiate real punishment for students and parents for mis-behavior, DO NOT promote unless learning accomplished, etd.

Submitted by Rockerbabe at: May 4, 2010
This is a silly bill designed to funnel money away from public schools. Most failing schools have failing parents and the kids fail due to how expectations and little input from the family. Rarely do teachers have the major say in this matter. Teachers take the kids they get and try to teach them; the failure to learn is on the parents and kids, rarely on the students. You cannot "fix" education by only focusing on one aspect of the issue - schools and teachers. The kids and their parents are the other part of the equation that needs to be addressed. Private or alternate schooling is rarely the solution to the problem