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Fair Tax Act, Gun Control Bill Highlighted in Latest Tab

Dan Barrett
February 24, 2011

Tab Insert

After our entitlement reform panel at CPAC and releasing our report on the President’s FY 2012 budget, NTUF has a new Taxpayer’s Tab with four newly scored bills. We’ve got a lot of research going on at the Foundation so be sure to keep up-to-date with @NTUF and be even more sure to support NTUF so we can get you the information you’ve come to expect!

One of the issues that have surfaced in the 112th Congress is tax reform. Many legislators are calling for tax simplification while others support a different stance: system replacement. The Fair Tax is one of those system alternatives that has gained more attention in the last few years. NTUF scored the Fair Tax Act at an $11 billion annualized savings. Check out the full Fair Tax description and how NTUF estimated the savings in the latest Tab edition.

Scored bills in Issue 6 of the Taxpayer’s Tab include:

  • HR 301, New Manhattan Project for Energy Independence
  • HR 25/S 13, Fair Tax Act of 2011
  • HR 308/S 32, Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act
  • HR 365, National Blue Alert Act of 2011


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User Comments

Submitted by jssujon at: March 6, 2011
Something needs to be done...47% of individuals in this country do not pay income tax. Almost 60% of corporations pay no tax; G.E paid no tax last year, gets lucretive defense contracts and is a major exporter of jobs. The system needs an overhaul, EVERYBODY and EVERY CORPORATION needs to pay a fair share. If I could afford a lobbiest, maybe I would'nt have to pay any tax.

Submitted by Fred-American at: March 2, 2011
Taxpayers need to unite in real reform initiatives if those of us who are paying for the country can take it back. We need to review Government... Cap the size by constitutional amendment and review every agency for duplicity and challenge whether it is a Federal responsibility under the Constitution. Real reduction in the burden on our children will come by reducing the size of the Federal Government. Then we put rules in place that prevent Presidents from just growing to payback constituents. Take a business approach. If we don't NEED it, then we can reduce or eliminate it! Everyone wins. SS and Medicaid/Medicare wins.