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How Much Trust Do You Have in Government?

April 22, 2010

How much trust do you have in government?  If you're like many Americans, it seems that your trust is plummeting as captured in graphic below, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal

What could government do to regain your trust?


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User Comments

Submitted by Walt at: April 25, 2010
Anyone who's trust in this government is not plummeting, has their head in the sand - simply very unaware of major fraud going on. Here's a way to help limit it, keep more of your income in your possession, working for you - instead of the gov't (in clean renewable energy - no cost to you):

Submitted by arlie ray at: April 24, 2010
Everyone in it resign

Submitted by WIld Bill at: April 24, 2010
I have a 100% trust that anything the government touches is going to be totally FUBAR.

Submitted by Lynn at: April 23, 2010
TELL THE TRUTH! Be honest with us.

Submitted by malb at: April 23, 2010
Pass meaningful financial reform with teath to prevent financial raiders from duplicating their misconduct of the past 10 years; make the health reform recently passed meaningful by enacting medicare for all and getting for-profit insurance out of the picture.