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The Fight Against Obamacare

The front page news of yesterday's Politico highlighted the ongoing battle with Obamacare. The fight to end Obama's health care plan began with, a project started by the Restore the Dream Foundation.  The website hopes to galvanize those who oppose the healthcare bill by "signing the pledge" to deny the bill its funding. To date, approximately 120 members of the House and Senate have signed this pledge.

Republican lawmakers are taking this initiative one step further by proposing a bill that will deny any funding to the recent healthcare "reforms." Essentially, the Republicans are hoping to "nip it in the bud" and cut off funding before Obamacare can get on its feet.  Although their final goal is to repeal Obamacare completely, they must "take interim steps" to get there, as Representative Kevin Brady explains.

Meanwhile, public opinion of healthcare reform continues to decline. In the past few months, support oscillated around 50%. However, last month it moved down to 41%. The Kaiser Family Foundation reported last Thursday that the bill's popularity is now down to 35%.

Last month, NTU signed a coalition letter released by Heritage Action for America, which expressed support for Representative Steve King's proposal to fully repeal Obamacare.  If 218 congressmen sign the discharge petition, the motion to repeal the bill would be brought (immediately) to a vote in the House.  Bear in mind, however, that President Obama would likely veto the bill if it did in fact pass.

It appears that Obama faces strong opposition from Members of Congress and from the American public. As details of the new law unfold, NTU will continue to support efforts to decrease the funding of Obamacare and/or to repeal it all together.


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Submitted by cooky at: April 26, 2011
Yes, ObamaCare should be defunded, but so should the illegal alien popultion. Savings to our budget in Nevada would leave us with little or no deficit at all...but it's all about the vote! What these politicians won't do for election or re-election! I just want them to get their hands out of my pocket to give to those they want to keep under their thumbs and control...what I make should be mine to give, save or spend as I see fit...not for the government to decide. For them, it is never enough; they are spend-a-holics...and have taken advantage of the taxpayer long enough!