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On the GOP Response: Limited Government?

January 25, 2011

Paul Ryan, as the face of the Republican party, eloquently stated: "We believe, as our founders did, that 'the pursuit of happiness' depends upon individual liberty; and individual liberty requires limited government. Limited government also means effective government."

Man, these guys can really talk the talk. But I'm skeptical. For six years Republicans held the Presidency and both chambers of Congress. Six years of unified government! What ended up happening? Bush took office when government was consuming $1.86 trillion, 18.5 percent of GDP. When he left office the budget reached over $3.5 trillion, 24.9 percent of GDP! Mind you, all under Republican government -- the same folks who are promising to "limit" government and "cut" spending now. I would take their rhetoric with a grain of salt and hold their feet to the fiscal fire. Republicans won back the House and 20 state governments under the auspices of limited government.

Let's hope they put their money where their mouths are.  


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Submitted by Publius at: January 26, 2011
Totally correct. Republicans cannot be trusted with the budget. Right now the Republicans are doing what we call double-talk.

Submitted by FreeLove at: January 26, 2011
Well said, and well written. Any credit for Obama's proposed freeze, or is that just not enough? Do you agree with R's who say that investment in infrastructure and research is just another way to spend more? Salmon. That's all.