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GOP Responds to "Slaughter Solution"

March 16, 2010

This morning, House Republican leaders introduced a resolution to bring the Senate health care bill to the floor for an up or down vote. If passed, this measure would prohibit Speaker Pelosi from implementing the “Slaughter Solution,” a deceptive procedural trick to “deem” Senate health care legislation passed without a roll call vote in the House. For those of you who need a refresher, the Senate bill is more than $1 trillion of unbridled spending, tax hikes, and a more powerful, less accountable government. Recent studies show it will NOT rein in health care costs, nor will it spare taxpayers. The proposals under consideration will inevitably break Obama’s pledge and place an even heavier tax burden on those making less than $250,000 a year. The American people have come out overwhelmingly opposed to this health care legislation and the least they deserve is an up or down vote by the leaders who serve them. Call your representative NOW and tell them you demand representation and transparency in the form of a health care VOTE, not tactic. It is one of the most important issues we will ever face – let your voice be heard!

Click here for more information on the GOP resolution.


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User Comments

Submitted by Janus at: March 17, 2010
Tom -- one person's rant is another persons enlightened, passionate commentary.

Submitted by Tom at: March 17, 2010
Well Janus the last sentence of that rant is right on. We're trying to get a vote instead of simply 'deeming' the bill passed!

Submitted by Janus at: March 16, 2010
Typical - once again NTU is carrying water for the GOP and their fat cats friends in the drug and health care industries. Maybe, if Republicans would stop trying to hold up progress we wouldn't be in this situation. Obama won the election. The Democrats control Congress. They set the agenda. If the Republicans don't like it, they need to convince the American people to vote for them. Despite all of the frustration with Washington, I can't see that happening again anytime soon. W wasn't that long ago. So, let's vote so that real Americans can get real health care coverage.