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NTU Launches Million-Dollar Campaign to Fight New Energy Taxes

May 4, 2011

NTU has launched a $1.25 million television, radio, and online advertising campaign to oppose new energy taxes currently under consideration in Washington.  A release about the campaign is here.

You can watch the tv ad below.



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User Comments

Submitted by Lee Ellak at: May 12, 2011
Elected officials thrive on increased taxes like bed bugs thrive on human blood. The elected officials get a boost on higher gasoline prices because they get more sales tax revenue; for example, $4 a gallon brings in more sales tax than $3 a gallon. So do you think the elected officials, who thrive on spending, really care about you, the consumer? In my opinion, more taxes equal more wars for Obama to start like the Libyan War. More taxes means more money for Democrats to spend on illegal aliens. It is time to view and publish the voting records of the spendaholic, illegal-alien loving Democrats and throw them out of office.

Submitted by Nancy at: May 10, 2011
In your About page and Statement of Ethics, you claim to eschew special interests of any kind by limiting the size of donations. This ad capaign is propaganda, pure and simple. Who is REALLY paying for this advertisement? And whom do you think you're kidding?

Submitted by kathy at: May 10, 2011
your group is entitled to free speech & your own opinions - but not to your own facts! I strongly protest the currently running ad that wrongly depicts the president's position on energy production in Brazil and the US. Shame on you!!

Submitted by NTU are liars at: May 10, 2011
He was talking about bio fuels in Brazil the whole world knows it. Now the whole world knows NTU are professional liars paid for by big oil.

Submitted by chick at: May 10, 2011
Your ad is pathetic and misleading saying Obama banned more oil being drilled in the U.S. when that is not the whole case he said he isn't allowing more locations since there are several that aren't even being used and should be. I would say that is understandable and on the oil companies, not Obama get it straight if you want to advertise it as a fact.

Submitted by Carl at: May 10, 2011
This ad is inaccurate. President Obama focus was not talking about Brazilian Oil, But about NEW types of energy like biofuels. Here is a part of his speech."Now, even as we focus on oil in the near term, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the only long-term solution to the world’s dependence on fossil fuels is clean energy technology. And that’s why the United States and Brazil are deepening our cooperation on biofuels -- (applause) -- and why we’re launching a U.S.-Brazil Green Economy Partnership, because we know that the development of clean energy is one of the best ways to create new jobs and industries in both our nations. Already, more than half of the vehicles in Brazil run on biofuels. Nearly 80 percent of your electricity comes from hydropower. In the United States, we’ve jumpstarted a clean energy industry and we’ll soon have the capacity to produce 40 percent of the world’s advanced batteries. If we can start sharing these new technologies, and leverage private investment from businesses like the ones in this room, we can grow our economies and clean our environment by making, using, trading, selling clean energy products all over the world. That is a win for both our nations." Remarks by the President at CEO Business Summit in Brasilia, Brazil. March 19, 2011. Fossil fuels will not last forever!

Submitted by Ninna at: May 10, 2011
how about the people in goverment giving us their monthly paycheck & I'll glad send them mine to get by on for a month, bet they can't do it, nor take us up on it

Submitted by nolie at: May 9, 2011
I hope we tax gas even more as well as make oil companies pay more taxes. When gas is more expensive we use less planet killing gas - great! I know real freedom now driving an all electric Leaf. I love it!! Let's use more tax revenue for investment in alternative fuels and all electric alternatives. Time to move forward instead of clinging to the past and enriching big oil and OPEC.

Submitted by Conniesense at: May 9, 2011
Exactly how much profit are the energy companies bringing in again? And gee, how much taxes are they paying?

Submitted by Anonymous Conservative at: May 6, 2011

Submitted by bobcat4evah at: May 6, 2011
"New, stable sources of energy" is CLEARLY NOT OIL!!! Are you being deliberately misleading or just obtuse? Makes me thisnk your site is not independent, nor bipartisan. STOP the destroying the planet ans focus on green energy. Close those loopholes and tax the bejesus out of the rich whose profits were made on the lives of people and planet. That is meant at both parties and is non partisan and independent. The well being of the planet is the most important priority.

Submitted by DickNH at: May 6, 2011
You do understand, don't you, that just because oil is drilled and removed in the U.S. or in the Gulf of Mexico, there is absolutely NO guarantee that this resource is sold in the U.S. The oil market is a world market, and that oil is sold on the world market to the highest bidder. As often as not, that bidder is NOT the U.S. So, your campaign for offshore drilling and more drilling in the continental U.S. is a fraud, and intentionally misleading. But, then, you know that, as your funding comes from the very companies who profit most from your misstatements.

Submitted by c1 at: May 6, 2011
This ad is pathetic. Don't dump this on Obama.

Submitted by Unemployed at: May 6, 2011
Which Oil company paid for this B.S.?

Submitted by truth at: May 6, 2011
who is ntu? your organization does nothing except pervert the truth. i am tired of commercials that offend the intelligence of the viewer. the so called raising of taxes on the petroleum industry is no more than taking away corporate welfare from these robber barons. contributors to these orgs don't even have the balls to tell who they are. people are tired of the price gouging in this industry. why do you want to protect this industry?

Submitted by Boomer at: May 6, 2011
Wow! I have seen the ad on TV numerous times over the last few days. It is a shameful example of political manipulation and misrepresentation. I will urge my friends to join me in making generous contributions to any and all organizations and action groups that will respond to the lies and scare tactics which are used in this ad. I encourage any body with any kind of sense of fairness and anyone who values the truth in a discussion of our country's challenges to make your voices known to all media and political leaders so that there is some legitimate ideas to address real problems.

Submitted by buddhaprince at: May 6, 2011
The Koch Brothers Astro-turfing the field again. It is all BS by big business, pulling the wool over the eyes of the seriously mentally impaired, like Bachmann, Palin and all the bought and paid for Republicans.

Submitted by Ellery Davues at: May 6, 2011
I was drawn here because of the new promotional campaign. I just saw it on CNN, and I certainly disagree with the NTU position on gas tax! When the cost of gasoline or oil rises (especially when it 'spikes'), a reduction of taxes casues great harm to consumers and taxpayers. In fact, we are best served by a RISE in taxes tied directly to the increasing cost of traditional fuels. What happens if we LOWER the cost of a commodity to consumers in an effort to counteract a higher supply price? That's easy -- It doesn't take an Economist to answer! Since the supply is not increased, we are "fueling" an even faster rise in prices and handing all that money to the supplier. Let's say that C = Amount of fuel needed for critical purposes (E.g. Gettig to work, heating our home, manufacturing) Let's say that D = Amount of fuel needed for discretionary purposes (Vacation travel, backyard BBQ, Mowing the lawn, etc) Let's say that X% of fuel consumption is 'critical' to the user and Y% is discretionary. (E.g. Driving, heating or cooking). Of course, the balance between these classifications is greatly affected by how efficiently you perform a task (driving to work, or taking a train) and by how important you believe an activty to be (mowing the lawn, getting a child to dance practice, etc) Now let's say that the cartels that control foreign supply are limitting their sales to us in an effort to maintain high prices. Becauase supply is limited, there is enough fuel to support this much activity from the consumption venues that generall use oil: 100%C + 80%(D) . As the supply forces us to cut back on our discretionary use (and for individuals who feel more financial pain, cutting back on their critical needs), the price rises. That's because some people can afford the keep buying and of course the cost of fuel rises. That's how supply and demand works. In a free market -- at least on our side of the ocean, this normally leads to several things -- all of them very good: Increase exploration and domestic production Develop alternative fuels, especially ones that are environmentally friendly and do not rely on foreign sources Increased conservation Reduce travel Turn off unnecessary appliances Turn down heat, insulate home or office Change modalities Carpool or use public transportation Reclassify some "Critical" uses as "Discretionary" Buy local (reduces wholesale transportation) Switch electric providers to avoid foreign sources If consumers are suddenly subsidized when the cost of fuel rises, something terrible happens. Instead of producing more domestic energy, we are not at all affecting the supply. We are simply handing the foreign seller more cash -- directly from the taxpayer to their pockets. And they didn't even ask for it! They raise the cost by $1 per gallon an we give them $2 extra. Heck, why not? It makes us feel good. What happens if we INCREASE taxes when suppliers raise prices? First, we benefit by all the good things in the list above. Second, since some foreign suppliers are not truly contstrained in their production (that is, they have plenty of oil), they will keep costs low in order to sustain revenue. There are plenty of places this "cost reduction" tax can be inserted: at point-of-sale, at import, or in the distribution chain. What do we do with the money that is raised by taxes? That's easy too. Give it back to consumers or use it to fund the develpment of energy sources that are domesitc, inexpensive and environmentally safe. I'm not infraid of critical feedback. Write to me: Ellery (at) starbus (dot) com Please repply to email antispam challenge

Submitted by Educated Hillbilly at: May 6, 2011
F.Y.I. UPS("the tightest ship in the shipping business") converted their entire ground fleet to CNG in the late 1990's. Basically giving the "finger" to OIL PRICES and OIL dependency. So, you expect us to NOT want to make logical choices, like big corporate does? What do you think UPS would say to your childish TV ads?? 'We the people' are not ALL as stupid as you imply. Wake up and stop sniffing the gas fumes all of the time! I know 8th-graders with more mental agility.

Submitted by Eric in SC at: May 6, 2011
This add is complete manipulation of the truth. Brazil would benefit us by becoming a more prominent supplier of oil to the US. But in general, the US would benefit the most from developing alternative energy supplies that don't decimate our environment. The only way to stimulate the development of those sources is by weaning Americans off our reliance on fossil fuels. Increased cost of products have proven to help stimulate production of alternatives.