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Best Line of the Day

May 10, 2011

Former New Hampshire Senator John Sununu has a very informative piece on energy tax breaks at  I commend it to all of our recent energy commentors.  Anyway, the Senator in discussing the hyperbolic rhetoric surrounding this issue has to have the best line of the day:

"If cars ran on crazy talk, we’d all drive for free."


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User Comments

Submitted by Alec at: May 11, 2011
I agree with the poster earlier. NTU's ads are very misleading and support energy comapny corporate welfare while everyone else is asked to sacrifice.

Submitted by GetOverIt at: May 10, 2011
People need to look at who benefits more from high gas prices... The Government. The govt "PROFITS" more from a gallon of gas than those evil oil companies and what did the govt do to deserve it so get your jealous heads out of your a$$es and wake up!

Submitted by greg at: May 10, 2011
Let's revoke the tax subsidies to gas companies.

Submitted by kevin at: May 10, 2011
your ads on television are misleading. Obviously you are in the pockets of the oil companies like all good rich republicans. You claim to be nonpartisan but how do lowering the cost of oild and invest in alternative energy hurt the taxpayer? Oil companies have made the biggest profits in corporate history.

Submitted by Bea at: May 10, 2011
Your ads on tv are disgusting and although attempting to "scare" us, they only have a repulsive effect. These ads might have worked in 2010 but people have wised up.

Submitted by eman at: May 10, 2011
I just saw your ad on TV condemning President Obama and his energy policy. The basic assertion that American taxpayers are overburdened is absurd. The fact of the matter is that the GOP controlled Congress spent our country into record deficits during the Bush Administration. Now the same fiscally irresponsible Republicans oppose paying their fair share in order to pay down the national debt. This very morning, Speaker Boehner stated on NBC's Today Show that raising taxes was a nonstarter. Its hilarious that the flag waving Republicans aren't patriotic enough to sacrifice any of their income for the good of the country. Simultaneously, its funny that this organization claims to be non partisan.

Submitted by bout time at: May 10, 2011
bout time for the oil companies to pay there fare share ,With only 1.5 % of produced oil in the world your not going to make any difference in price.Look at Canada second to Saudi Arabia with $ 5.00 gas . You only want those same old tax breaks for the last 40 years to save you billions.

Submitted by yellowdog15 at: May 10, 2011
Your latest TV ad is misleading at best. You provide absolutely no evidence that "all" future development of resources is ended by Obama. Do you really think we have forgotten the BP disaster so soon? You still have 160million acres of already leased areas of opportunity. Get to work on what you have, guys, and quit your whining about "But maybe there's more!" How about increasing refining capabilities? How about a promise that oil and gas you discover HERE will be sold and refined HERE? No takers on that, I would wager.

Submitted by Jeff at: May 10, 2011
KDelphi, I hope to see your name on a ballot near me then as an alternative to "samo and samo."

Submitted by KDelphi at: May 10, 2011
You folks are even bigger liars than the Democrats.....I wish that, in 2012 the people could really be given a choice, instead of choosing between samo and samo....all you care about is MONEY...and it is killing American culture (what remains of it)

Submitted by RA at: May 10, 2011
I am not a proponent of new taxes, however, the Hydrogen gas economy would suffer greatly from a new tax. Hydrogen burns save and could act as a substitute for natural gas. H + (2) O = Water. The real reason for my post is to suggest a 70% tax on all political donations. This tax money should then go towards infrastructure or proposed projects bye each party on the ballot as a vote item. Fortification of this proposal should be a compendium Bond, allowing the project(s) to go forward. As this is a proposed line item, each president or candiate might have to do the work of the other party. Accordingly penalty for misapprpriation of funds including liability might be imposed.