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Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform: UPDATE

March 25, 2010

This is an update to a post from last week.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has named her selections to the Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, and with a full roster the Commission should be able to get started on its work.  Pelosi's picks are below along with their most recent NTU Rates Congress scores.

 Nancy Pelosi's Picks  
   Xavier Becerra (D-CA)


   Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)


   John Spratt




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Submitted by kls911 at: April 12, 2010
This is worst than I orginally thought. I am unemployed at this time and have been for over 2 years. Part of it is my fault but an accident with a moped disallowed me to contest the termination of employment with SCDC. now I am over qualified and under experienced for a mear est of job such as a cashier for wal mart or Bi-Lo or other places. I am a military veteran with 10 yrs 10mths and21 days military experience that was honorably discharged just due to pregnancy. I thought that I finally was employed with Lizzard's Thicket in June of 2009 but 3 days after I filled ouyt the corporate documents I was called at my home and the manager told me that he had to give the hours to an employe that returned from maternity leave. I thought that it was against the law to hire another employe to a position that should have remaind locked to an employee that was one maternity leave. The corporate office can not be trusted I beleive either. The corporate office female in charge of leaving the newest opening site to which i did already give another filled in application to the corp. office for concideration. The lie came for her after I inperson went back to the corp office. She said she tried to call my home phone number but kept gettijng a full mail box. I have only an answering machine that was purchased agt wal-mart. it never had a message on it form her. It holds 2 minute messafges and it holds 10 pluss 2 minute ones. Thsi is why I hate liers. I used to hold a TS clearance while in Pearl Harbor Hi and I loved the NAVY. i was aslo employed with SCDC for over 15 years and that was my last job site. I am so sorry that I have no where to give oout anything but anger. please just do not ignore this at all just reply to my email that it was at least received. or they are personel emails and I let no one else use or see them. Thank yo9u again Karen Stevens