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Help NTU Stop the Healthcare O-pocalypse!


Stop paying government to take over your health care. Join the National Taxpayers Union in sending a message to Washington that it's time to repeal the 2010 health care law. Let's demand real reforms that protect taxpayers and let us choose our health care.

Congress needs to hear from you!

Tell Congress: Repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Below are four important steps you can take to be heard.

Step 1: Send an email to your Congressman.

NTU makes it simple to send a letter to your congressman. Simply click the link to the right and fill out your personal information and a letter is automatically sent to your Senators and Representative in Washington!


Step 2: Call your Congressman.

Use our handy tool to the right to look up the contact information of your Senators and Representatives and let them know that you want to reclaim patient choice and repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act!

Quick Links to Official Government Web sites

Step 3: Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

Writing a letter to the editor (LTE)?  Fantastic. Few people realize just how important an LTE can be. The letters page is often the second most read part of your newspaper and your message can have a very broad impact. Let us know if your letter gets published (email Federal Affairs Manager Nan Swift) and we’ll send you an NTU gift bag to thank you for going above and beyond.

Need some inspiration?  Click here to find a sample letter to the editor to get started.


Here are some simple tips on LTEs:

1.) Follow the KISS rule (Keep it Short, Simple) – keep your letter to only one major topic and between 250-500 words.

2.) Check with your local newspaper and follow their submission instructions carefully. These days, most only take LTEs via email.

3.) Feel free to make a follow up phone call to make sure your letter was received.

4.) If you have the opportunity, LTEs are a good time to thank your legislator for his or her hard work on this important issue, while at the same time informing readers.

Step 4: Donate to NTU and help us keep up the fight!

Since 1969, NTU has had a very simple message for the public concerning tax dollars: "This is your money and the government should return it to you." Our number one job for over forty years has been helping to protect every American's right to keep what they have earned.

You can help make sure that the voices of taxpayers are heard all across the nation -- in Washington, D.C. and in every state capital as well -- by making a contribution to NTU. Don't let the special interests and the champions of big government be the only voices that elected officials hear. Please make a contribution today!

Looking for more to do? Contact Federal Affairs Manager Nan Swift at for more information!