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2012 General Election Ballot Guide: Oklahoma


Statewide Measures

  • (+)  Taxpayers in Oklahoma will decide on State Question 758, the Property Tax Amendment, which would put a 3 percent annual cap on future property tax increases. At a time when home values have been falling and property taxes have been soaring, supporters of the measure say this pro- tection is timely and vital.
  • ( - ) Oklahoma voters will decide on Question 764, which amends the State Constitution to allow the Water Resources Board to increase debt by $300 million to pay for sewage treatment.
  • (+) Voters will weigh in on State Question 765, which would abolish the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, the Oklahoma Commission of Human Services, and the position of Director of Human Services. The power to establish policies and set regulations would be removed from the Commission. The State Legislature and citizens would be granted the power to create new departments and legislation to perform duties required for the poor and elderly. Taxpayer advocates say passage of this measure would allow for the restructuring of public welfare programs and could make the agency more accountable to voters.
  • (+)  Taxpayers will also decide on State Question 766, which would eliminate property taxes on intangible personal property such as patents, inven- tions, licenses, land leases, software, and brand names. If voters fail to approve this measure, Oklahoma businesses would be forced to pay hefty taxes, which, taxpayer advocates point out, could adversely impact job growth, innovation, and economic development.