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2012 General Election Ballot Guide: New Mexico


Statewide Measures

  • ( - ) Voters in New Mexico will decide on Bond Question A, which would increase debt by as much as $10.3 million. The money would be spent on facilities for the elderly.
  • ( - )  Taxpayers will decide on the New Mexico Library Acquisition and Construction Bonds measure, or Bond Question B, which would increase debt by up to $9.83 million. The funds would be used to buy more library books and resources.
  • ( - )  New Mexicans will also weigh in on the New Mexico Higher Education and Special Schools Bonds measure or Bond Question C. This would add up to $120 million in new debt in an attempt to improve colleges and special schools.
  • (+)   Constitutional Amendment 2 would raise the qualifications required to be Public Regulation Commissioner. The PRC is a very powerful body in New Mexico and has been scandal-plagued. Higher qualification stan- dards could help to bring more accountability to this panel.
  • (+)  Constitutional Amendment 3 would remove the job of chartering corpo- rations from the Public Regulations Commission to the Secretary of State.
  • (+) Constitutional Amendment 4 would remove Insurance Division from the Public Regulations Commission.
  • (+) Constitutional Amendment 5 would make the office of state public defender separate from the state government and would create a Public Defender Commission and make it and independent entity. These reforms would help to insulate the public defender from political influences.
  • ( - ) Voters will decide on the Albuquerque Minimum Wage $1 Increase. Economic studies have shown that higher minimum wages fail to raise overall wage levels and reduce overall employment by making unskilled and young workers more expensive to hire. Furthermore, businesses will pass on the cost of the wage increase to consumers.