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2012 General Election Ballot Guide: Missouri


Statewide Measures

  • ( - ) Voters will decide on Proposition B, the Tobacco Tax Initiative, which would impose additional taxes on various tobacco products. The tax proceeds are projected to reach $423 million and will supposedly be used for tobacco prevention and education. Many tobacco tax hikes across the country have failed to produce the promised revenue. NTU released a study showing that 41 of 59 state tobacco tax increases from 2001-2006 were followed by more tax hikes within 2 years, as states tried to make  up for tobacco revenue that never materialized.
  • ( + ) Taxpayers in Missouri will decide on Proposition E, the Health Care Exchange Question, which would prohibit the creation of a health insur- ance exchange unless created by the Legislature, initiative, or referendum. This measure was drafted in response to the government-run health care exchanges that are a part of the federal Affordable Care Act.

Adair County

Countywide Measures

  • ( - ) Voters in Adair County will decide on a measure that would create a new local use tax to replace a sales tax on auto purchases that was ruled unconstitutional by the Missouri Supreme Court.

Cooper County

Local Measures

  • ( - )  If approved by voters, a measure in Boonville would increase the local sales tax rate by 0.5 percent to fund an EPA-mandated wastewater project and other projects.

Greene County

Countywide Measures

  • Greene County voters will decide on a measure that would extend an existing property tax for an additional 10 years to fund mental health services.

St. Louis County

Local Measures

  • ( - ) Voters in parts of St. Louis County serviced by the St. Louis County Library System will decide on a ballot measure that would raise prop- erty taxes to pay for renovations to library facilities.

Warren County

Countywide Measures

  • ( - ) If approved by voters, a proposed 0.25 percent sales tax rate increase in Warren County would generate approximately $600,000 for a children’s services fund.