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2012 General Election Ballot Guide: Alabama


Statewide Measures

  • ( - ) Amendment 1 would continue for 20 years the Forever Wild land conservation program, which is supported by the Alabama Trust Fund. While this program does not draw from the General Fund, some taxpayer activists feel it is important, especially in a time of tight budgets, to trim non-essential spending items.
  • ( - ) Amendment 2 would allow for a $750 million debt increase as part of a plan to lure businesses to Alabama.
  • ( + ) Amendment 6, drafted in response to the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance mandate, would prevent any person, employer, or health care provider from being compelled to participate in any health care system.
  • ( + ) Amendment 7 would give workers the right to use secret ballots in union elections, ensuring that neither union officials nor employers know an individual’s vote. Measures such as these are often in response to federal “card check” legislation to make coercive union organizing easier (private- and public-sector unions frequently advocate for more government pro- grams).
  • ( + ) Amendment 8 would set a legislator’s base pay at the State’s median household income and ensure that compensation paid to legislators, who work no more than 105 days per year, does not increase during term of office. If approved, the average legislator’s salary would be reduced from $53,388 to $45,980.
  • ( + ) Amendment 9 on the statewide ballot would amend and modernize out- dated language regarding the taxation of businesses in the Alabama Constitution. This would help reduce unnecessary complexity in the cur- rent law.
  • ( + ) Amendment 10 would update banking practices in the State and prohibit Alabama from becoming a stakeholder in a banking corporation.
  • ( + ) Amendment 11 would prohibit a municipality outside Lawrence County from imposing any municipal ordinance or regulation, including any tax.

Baldwin County

Countywide Measures

  • ( + ) Baldwin County voters will decide on Local Amendment 1, which would prohibit the imposition of an occupational tax.
  • ( - )  Baldwin County residents will also vote on Local Amendment 2, which seeks to levy an additional 1 percent sales and use tax on cer- tain items and a 0.5 percent tax on other items for public school purposes for 5 years.

Covington County

Countywide Measures

  • ( - ) Covington County voters will decide on an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama that would further provide for the law library fee in the County.

Marengo County

Countywide Measures

  • ( + ) Marengo County voters will decide on an amendment that would require that the judge of probate be paid based on the population of the County instead of at 90 percent of the rate paid a district judge in the County.

Montgomery County

Countywide Measures

  • ( + ) Voters in Montgomery County will decide on an amendment that would reduce term length for County officials from 6 to 4 years.

Tuscaloosa County

Countywide Measures

  • ( + ) Tuscaloosa voters will vote on an amendment that would prohibit the imposition of an occupational tax.