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2011 General Election Ballot Guide: Louisiana

Statewide measures – October 22nd election

  • (–) Amendment 1 on the statewide ballot would redirect future tobacco settlement funds from the Millennium Fund to the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) scholarship. Additionally, the proposed amendment would permanently extend and place in the constitution a $0.04 per pack cigarette tax set to expire next year.
  • (+) Amendment 2 on the statewide ballot seeks to reduce Louisiana’s unfunded liabilities by mandating that a minimum of 5 percent of total nonrecurring, one-time-only revenue in 2013-14 and 2014-15 and 10 percent of nonrecurring revenue for remaining years go toward paying the $9.45 billion of unfunded liabilities in the pre-1988 state employee retirement plans.     
  • (+) Amendment 3 on the statewide ballot would create a lockbox around monies deposited in the Patient’s Compensation Fund and ensure the account is not raided by the Legislature.
  • (+) Amendment 4 on the statewide ballot would provide that if money is withdrawn from the Budget Stabilization Fund, the state must begin to replenish the Fund during the second fiscal year after the money was with­drawn, paying back the withdrawn amount in thirds each year until fully repaid or until the Fund reaches its statutory cap. While some argue that this could encourage officials to tap into the fund more frequently, it also sets out useful guidelines for refilling it.  
  • (+) Amendment 5 on the statewide ballot would update the New Orleans property tax sales law to specify New Orleans by name, rather than outdated census data, in regard to its minimum bid sales exemption.


Statewide measures – November 19th election

  •  (+) Amendment 1 on the November 19th statewide ballot would prohibit the implementation of any new real estate transfer taxes after November 30, 2011.