Taxpayer's Tab: Milton Friedman and Tax Reform

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Milton Friedman and Tax Reform

Vote for your favorite tax reform plan and you could win a $50 Visa gift card!

The great economist Milton Friedman spent his life researching ways to improve America’s tax system and now it’s your turn to say which fundamental reforms need to happen. Knowing how Friedman also recognized the power of incentives, NTUF has prizes for some lucky winners, including a $50 Visa gift card, books, and other Team Taxpayer swag. Vote now!

In the Washington, D.C. area? Join us as NTUF teams up with the Tax Foundation and Liberty on the Rocks D.C. to toast Friedman on July 29th at the Laughing Man Tavern. More details here. There will also be a chance with win gift cards at this event too so do both and double your chances!


Interns Meet with Congressman Justin Amash

Interns Meet with Rep. Justin AmashThis Wednesday, NTU Foundation’s interns had the distinct honor to meet with Michigan Representative Justin Amash, the only Member of Congress who uses social media to provide detailed explanations on each floor vote he casts. On the steps of the Capitol, our 11 research and communications interns, as well as two NTU Government Affairs interns, were given the opportunity to ask a Member of Congress questions such as what is the work-life balance for a Representative and what government programs would he change if given the opportunity.

We would like to thank Congressman Amash, his Scheduler Hayley Alexander, and NTU’s Federal Affairs Manager Nan Swift for making this meeting possible.

Are you a student or recent graduate looking for a unique opportunity in the Washington, D.C.-area? NTU Foundation interns research and communicate government spending and help staff keep a tab on Congress. Check out the details and consider applying!


BillTally Results: Spending Reduction Agendas

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Last week, NTUF released the BillTally findings for the First Session of the 113th Congress and the data shows that although the legislative workload is titled in favor of new spending proposals, there are a number of Members whose agendas would find budgetary savings. The BillTally project analyzes nearly every bill introduced in Congress to determine the net changes in spending or savings that would result if enacted. With these cost estimates, NTUF researchers can calculate the spending agenda of each Member of Congress by adding up the costs and savings of the bills they sponsor or cosponsor. You can search for your state’s federal legislators and view a variety of data breakdowns.

House of Representatives

NTUF identified 496 increase bills and 112 savings bills among all the proposals introduced in the House. If all of the non-duplicate legislation were enacted into law, spending would increase by a net of $1.17 trillion, but when considering political parties, the average agendas show a fiscal divide in the types of spending bills supported.

The average House Democrat sought to increase spending by $397 billion annually, nearly $100 billion less than the last Congress. Republican Representatives supported, on average, $83 billion in net budget cuts, $48 billion fewer cuts compared to the 112th Congress.

BillTally 2013 Senate Spending Agendas

Below are the five largest net cut agendas in the House. A full agenda list can be downloaded here.

5 Largest Net Cut Agendas
in the House of Representatives

(Dollars are annualized and in billions)
MemberStatePartyNet Agenda
Trent FranksAZR($268.7)
Jeff DuncanSCR($250.2)
David SchweikertAZR($239.6)
Dennis RossFLR($235.4)
Chris StewartUTR($234.9)


Senators authored 332 increase bills and 56 savings bills that would, on net, increase the budget by $620 billion.

The average Democratic Senator proposed to increase spending by a net of $18 billion per year, which is $5 billion less than the last Congress. The average Senate Republican supported $159 billion in net cuts ($80 billion fewer cuts than the previous Congress).

BillTally 2013 Senate Spending Agendas

Below are the five largest net cut agendas in the Senate. A full agenda list can be downloaded here.

5 Largest Net Cut Agendas in the Senate
(Dollars are annualized and in billions)
SenatorStatePartyNet Agenda
Rand PaulKYR($317.2)
John IsaksonGAR($308.2)
Marco RubioFLR($298.0)
James RischIDR($291.7)
John BarrassoWYR($288.5)

The Bottom Line: NTUF’s BillTally project continues to track the spending and savings proposed by Congress. Though spending continues to, on net, increase, taxpayers and Members of Congress are now better able to see exactly where and how legislators would change the federal budget.

For media and special data requests, please contact Director of Research Demian Brady or Research & Outreach Manager Dan Barrett.

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