The Latest Price Tag for Hillary Clinton's Spending Plans: $153 Billion per Year

NTUF's analysis of Hillary Clinton's campaign spending promises has been updated with three new policy proposals:

  • The Make it in America Partnerships program would cost $10 billion. While Clinton has not specified the time frame for the proposal and her campaign has not yet responded to our inquiry, NTUF assumes it would occur over five years, similar to her $275 billion infrastructure grant plan.
  • Clinton would double spending on the $130 million Manufacturing Extension Partnership program. NTUF assumes this would be doubled over five years, an annual increase of $26 million.
  • Clinton has also called to boost federal resources dedicated to trade enforcement and to triple the number of "trade enforcement officers," however a cost estimate is indeterminate at this time.

Based on our latest tally, Hillary Clinton has proposed ten spending increases for each of her three cuts. On net, her policies would increase yearly spending by $152.97 billion. In addition, she has offered 44 proposals whose costs cannot be determined at this time.

Stay tuned to for the latest information on the Presidential candidates as we track their policies.