The G20 Meets This Weekend. Which Nation is Deepest in Debt?

At the G20 Leaders' Summit in Australia this weekend, heads of state from around the world will convene to discuss their countries' places in the global economy. Some of those countries are in better fiscal shape than others, though.

Australian site offers an excellent infographic that compares each country represented at the conference in terms of total debt.

  • The EU, USA, and Japan round out the top 3 in terms of highest debt. Japan has by far the highest debt-to-GDP ratio at over 226 percent.
  • Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Russia have the lowest total debt. The $87.7 billion that Saudi Arabia owes is just 0.73 percent of the United States' total debt.

The United States is home to about 316 million people, which means that each person's share of the national debt comes out to about $37,975. That debt-per-capita ratio is the fifth highest behind:

  • France, $38,744;
  • Canada, $44,797;
  • Italy, $45,970; and
  • Japan, $88,903.

You can view an interactive version of the map and some more stats online thanks to Mashable.