Latest Taxpayer's Tab: SOTU Price Tag

For over ten years running, NTU Foundation has estimated the cost of the proposals in the President's annual State of the Union address. Submit your guess as to what this year's total will be in our SOTU Price Tag contest, and you could win books, an exclusive taxpayer's toolkit, and more!

Every year, our researchers listen to the speech live and score the policies outlined by the President using data from our BillTally project, the Congressional Budget Office, and other sources. We offer taxpayers a unique and straightforward estimate of the total cost of the agenda presented to Congress.

Last year, President Obama mentioned 29 policies during his speech that would affect federal spending, at a total cost of $40 billion per year.

Will he propose more or less spending in this year's speech? Tell us what you think in our SOTU Price Tag contest by January 20th, and if your guess is close to the actual amount, you could win!