Latest Taxpayer's Tab: Presidential Travel and BillTally Updates

Last weekend, the President was traveling to India as a special guest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for that country's Republic Day parade. He then met with a delegation of lawmakers and other U.S. government officials in Saudi Arabia to pay respects to the recently-deceased King Abdullah. All told, the trip lasted 3 days, covered 16,000 miles, and will likely cost $6.8 million in Air Force One operating costs alone.

In the latest edition of The Taxpayer's Tab, NTU Foundation offered an update of our ongoing Presidential travel statistics. To date, President Obama has taken 38 trips overseas while in office, making his way through 85 countries (including repeat visits) over the course of 150 days. That's about the same pace that Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were traveling at by this point in their respective terms.

We also announced the winners of our State of the Union Price Tag contest, and have an update on the legislation we've scored so far during the first month of the 114th Congress.