Latest Taxpayer's Tab: A SOTU Primer

In just two days, President Barack Obama will give his annual State of the Union (SOTU) Address, making his own pitch to Congress about the legislative priorities it should pursue over the next year. It's expected that he'll talk about plans to fund community college education for more Americans, improve cybersecurity and broadband speeds, and reduce mortgage interest payments for first-time borrowers -- but it remains uncertain what other policies the President will support.

In the latest edition of The Taxpayer's Tab, NTUF reviews our previous analyses of President Obama's SOTU Addresses. In all but one year, the speech included proposals that would, on net, increase federal spending, and by an average of nearly $41.7 billion.

How will the agenda presented in this year's speech impact federal spending? Make your own guess in our SOTU Price Tag contest, and you could win a prize! Be sure to enter by January 20 at 7 PM ET.