Latest Taxpayer's Tab: 113th Congress Leaves Savings On Table

With the federal debt climbing above $18 trillion and a $506 billion deficit in 2014, the fiscal ink in Washington, D.C. remains red despite record levels of tax receipts. However, there are plenty of savings proposals left for lawmakers to consider before the 113th Congress comes to a close.

How many? Nearly $900 billion worth, in fact.

In the latest edition of The Taxpayer's Tab, NTUF delved into the BillTally database to analyze the bills that could reduce federal spending but have not yet been passed into law. We also excluded overlapping or now-irrelevant measures (like bills related to the 2013 sequester caps) in order to offer the most up-to-date picture of the options in front of Congress as they work through the final days of the session.

All told, we identified 229 savings bills in Congress, including 148 in the House and 81 in the Senate.

For a complete listing of those bills, check out The Tab online, and be sure to stay tuned through the new year as NTUF wraps up our ongoing BillTally research for the 113th Congress.