About the National Taxpayers Union Foundation

National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF) provides crucial, impactful research and analysis showing Americans how taxes, government spending, and regulations affect them. With our unique combination of policy expertise, outreach know-how, and true non-partisanship, we strive to be the number one federal and state source for sound fiscal policymaking.

As a long-standing leader in responsible tax administration, we have an established history of offering recommendations for how our tax system should function, not just what it should raise. In 2017, NTUF produced crucial research that guided policymakers as they overhauled the federal tax code for the first time in decades. Our annual Tax Complexity report highlights the increasing time burden and out-of-pocket filing expenses imposed on taxpayers as they comply with the tax code each year. By combining policy expertise, outreach know-how, and true non-partisanship, we get results.

NTUF’s distinct projects cut through the fray, empower citizens to engage in the critical fiscal policy debates of our time, and hold elected officials accountable at every level of government:

Our Taxpayers’ Budget Office (TBO) thoroughly examines budget proposals from Congress and the White House and identifies opportunities for spending restraint. As a watchdog for the powerful Congressional Budget Office’s processes, scoring, and transparency, our Taxpayers’ Budget Office project seeks to expose the true budgetary impact of legislation in Congress.

Our Interstate Commerce Initiative (ICI) confronts one of the most important and underreported issues facing taxpayers across the country: states reaching beyond their borders to tax and regulate the interstate economy. ICI fights taxation without representation by researching overlapping state policies and highlighting solutions.

Our Free Trade Initiative (FTI) leads support for free trade and opposition to protectionist proposals from the populists on both left and right, exposing the high costs of trade policies that protect a few at the expense of everyone else.

Our Taxpayer Defense Center (TDC) engages in strategic litigation to protect taxpayers from overzealous, unfair tax administration. From millions of tax disputes each year, we identify and engage in those most likely to have a positive and lasting impact for taxpayers’ rights.

NTUF was founded as a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) research and educational organization by our 501(c)(4) affiliate National Taxpayers Union, as the Taxpayers Foundation in 1978. We were re-christened under our current name in 1987. Our office is located in Washington, DC.