The Spending Policies in the Florida Senate Race: $122 Billion Budget Impact Separate Rubio and Murphy

NTUF released a line-by-line analysis of the candidates’ spending agendas in the Florida Senate race. Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Florida Congressman Patrick Murphy stand at odds with one another one a number of issues such as immigration reform, education, and federal spending on entitlement programs. Perhaps the greatest difference between the candidates is the cost of their respective policies. On a yearly basis, Congressmen Murphy’s plan, which contains a handful of policies similar to Hillary Clinton’s, would increase spending by $35.9 billion. Senator Rubio’s policies would decrease spending by $81.8 billion per year.

The policies that have been analyzed are those with an impact on federal outlays that can be accurately quantified in NTUF’s bottom-line agenda estimates. Both candidates had a number of proposals whose costs could not be determined due to lack of specificity.

As election day in the Sunshine State swiftly approaches, voters can use this analysis to assist them in making an informed choice when selecting between Congressman Murphy and Senator Rubio.

Detailed reports are available for Murphy and Rubio.

The Florida Senate race is one of several NTUF is analyzing to reveal the hard numbers behind the political promises. Additional reports are available here.