NTUF Seeks Records from Wisconsin DOJ About Amazon Case

National Taxpayers Union Foundation has sent an open records request to the Wisconsin Department of Justice. The request asks for public disclosure of communications between the Federal Trade Commission and Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul’s office regarding the decision to join Wisconsin to the commission’s suit against Amazon as well as taxpayer costs for the state’s participation in the suit. 

It is crucial for taxpayers to exercise their right to access public records through open records laws when it comes to understanding why a state is using taxpayer resources to sue Amazon at a time when the state is facing much more pressing needs. Transparency in government actions ensures that taxpayer dollars are allocated wisely and for the benefit of the public. In this case, the federal government’s suit against Amazon, which many taxpayers rely on for affordable consumer goods in a period of increasing costs, directly impacts consumers. By requesting public records, we at NTUF hope to gain insights into the motives and decision-making processes behind these lawsuits, providing taxpayers with a clearer picture of how their money is spent.

Taxpayers need to be skeptical about the motives of both the state and the FTC in pursuing such legal actions. Understanding the underlying reasons and potential biases in these suits is essential. We must question whether these actions genuinely aim to protect consumers or if other political or ideological interests are at play. Transparency in accessing public records can help uncover any motives and ensure these lawsuits serve the best interests of taxpayers, as increasing the cost of providing services for Amazon could potentially harm consumers' wallets. 

National Taxpayers Union Foundation continues to work to hold government accountable and educate the public about policies that will help taxpayers’ dollars be spent prudently and consumers’ budgets go further. By staying informed and engaged, taxpayers can play an active role in holding their government accountable and ensuring their hard-earned money is used for the public good.