Miss Any of the Presidential Debates? Here Are Handy Guides to the Candidates' Budget Proposals

NTU Foundation followed the debates closely to track the spending-related proposals offered by the candidates. And to the extend that they've offered specifics, we show how much that proposal could increase or decrease spending per year. Where information is unavailable, we try to provide some budgetary context.

Each word cloud below does not reflect the entire content of each debate, just the quotations we extracted from each candidate about their proposals.

First Republican Debate - Aug 6th


Second Republican Debate - Sept 16th


First Democratic Debate October 13


Third Republican Debate October 28


Fourth Republican Debate November 8



We'll provide similar analysis for this evening's fifthRepublican debate. In the meantime, additional candidate-related analysis is available on our campaign 2016 page, and at CandidateCost.org.