It's that SOTU Time Again

For some, it's a breath of fresh air. For others, it's a loud partisan noise. The annual State of the Union (SOTU) Address brings about all kinds of emotions and expectations for what the President plans to do over the next year and how he plans to spend your tax dollars. 

Experts will appear on cable news, saying what President Obama will say but now you have a chance to voice your SOTU opinion. NTU Foundation is once again hosting a contest for taxpayers to submit how much they think SOTU's proposals will cost -- or save -- Americans. Our SOTU Price Tag contest offers you a chance to cut through the rhetoric of pundits and politicians!

On top of the fun of guessing how the speech will change federal spending, NTU Foundation has some prizes for those who guess the closest to our line-by-line report, which will be released the day after SOTU:

  • Books: Do you like to keep up to date on the latest policy and political commentary? NTU Foundation has a coveted library with publications ranging from Ronald Reagan biographies to signed copies of Steve Forbes' latest books. Guess closest to the final SOTU total and you'll have your pick of the treasures!
  • Kits: Do you wish you had the tools in your hands to take on big government? NTU and NTU Foundation have a lot of studies, analyses, and media pieces that can empower you to not only be a more educated taxpayer but to help form your own local taxpayer association. Plus, we'll throw in a few tote bags, bumper stickers, and other swag to help you show off your taxpayer pride.
  • Get Interviewed: One lucky winner will be interviewed by NTU Foundation's communications team and be featured on Government Bytes -- the first place citizens, advocates, and lawmakers go to get the pulse of the American taxpayer. Get your suit ready because we'll want a picture to go along with your spotlight!

What do you have to do to get a chance for books, Taxpayer Kits, and grassroots glory? Go to NTU Foundation's SOTU Price Tag contest page and fill out your entry!

Want a leg up on the competition? Go to our Research page and check out past SOTU speeches by President Obama. Maybe there's a historical pattern, perhaps a few recurring proposals, you'll have to read the reports to find out.

Double your chances!!! After you fill out your entry, look below the entry form and go to a special Taxpayer Survey. Fill it out and it will double your chances of winning!