Hassan Would Boost Annual Federal Budget by $63 Billion, Ayotte Would Cut by $60 Billion, Study of Candidates’ Platforms Shows

A study released today by the non-partisan National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF), finds that $123 billion separates the federal budget platforms of the two hopefuls in New Hampshire.

As New Hampshire Senate candidates Maggie Hassan and Kelly Ayotte vie for voter support, taxpayers can view an analysis of their campaign platforms for the bottom line costs and their fiscal distinctions on our website.

NTUF’s study cuts through the campaign trail rhetoric to determine the net annual spending impact of the candidates’ promises. In preparing the study, NTUF reviewed the candidates’ campaign websites and news reports to would impact the federal budget. Cost estimates are verified from a variety of independent sources, including Congressional Budget Office reports.

 Total Cost per Year# of Increase ProposalsCost per Year of Increase Proposals# of Savings ProposalsCost per Year of Savings Proposals# of Proposals With Indeterminate Costs
Kelly Ayotte-$59.78$8.22-$67.99
Maggie Hassan$63.312$63.93-$0.640

As Election Day in New Hampshire approaches, voters can use NTUF’s analysis as a guide to understand the potential fiscal impact of the proposals being debated and discussed. Detailed, line-by-line reports are available for Kelly Ayotte and Maggie Hassan.

The Granite State Senate race is one of several NTUF is evaluating to the show where taxpayers dollars would be spent to fulfill the aspiring candidates’ political promises. Additional studies are available here.