A Budget Revealed, Brought to You by NTU Foundation

What kind of federal budget do you want to see? Last week President Obama released his own proposal, calling on Congress to increase public spending to new heights, prop up long-defunct programs and initiatives, and support unprecedented new taxes on job creators and small businesses on top of his Obamacare tax hikes. Obama’s budget even says that the modest spending caps that he himself signed into law in 2011 are too much in spite of trillions of dollars in spending every year, deficits in the hundreds of billions of dollars, and millions still unemployed.

A bleak picture, but it could get worse.

If Congress acts on the President’s wishes, Americans are in for bigger energy bills, more expensive gas prices, and continued funding for Wall Street bailouts. It’s enough to make you sick. In that case, plan on filling out more paperwork, adhering to weighty regulations, and playing a game of telephone with your doctor and faceless bureaucrats.

Americans across the country are pleading to the government: Stop, you’re making it worse!

How do we know what’s in the President’s budget?

NTU Foundation’s policy experts read through every budgetary document and with a fine toothed comb, analyze what the President would add to the taxpayer’s tab. It is long, arduous work, but the analysis of Director of Research Demian Brady and Policy Analyst Michael Tasselmyer has shown taxpayers exactly what they need to know about next year’s budget today:

  • New taxes are coming. In ten years, the government plans to increase tax revenues by $2.3 trillion, to $5.5 trillion. Just think of how many government conferences and IRS audits that’ll pay for!
  • Overspending remains and will get worse. Will trillion-dollar deficits return? Yes, but only after President Obama’s left office. Where does it say, when in doubt, leave it to the next guy?
  • No hope for the elephant in the room. The biggest government liabilities (Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid) are left unchanged. Without meaningful reforms, working families and business owners will need to get used to seeing even more of their paychecks go towards these soon-to-be insolvent programs. If this keeps up, we’ll have to know what comes after a trillion to measure our debt.

NTUF’s research shows taxpayers just how dangerous big spending budgets are and will become if left unchecked.

Now, we need your help to keep the research coming.

We’ve already given you a price tag of Obama’s State of the Union Address and his FY 2016 Budget but 2015 has only just begun! NTUF has more studies coming down the pike than you can shake a stick at:

  • How the last Congress finished up. Your Representative and Senators passed a lot of bills in the lame duck session. Do you know how it will affect your wallet? We’ve done the work for you and are finalizing thousands of cost estimates from the 113th Congress.
  • Spending in the new Congress. Our researchers have already started scoring key legislation in the 114th Congress and the findings will help taxpayers make important decisions this year. Should you take out that new loan? Will your bill be higher on Tax Day? The answers are shaped by today’s proposals and we’ve got the numbers you need.
  • How much Obama’s trips cost you. NTUF is the authority taxpayers trust when it comes to tracking the President’s overseas travel. Has he traveled more than George W. Bush? How much will the new Air Force One fleet cost? We’re working on the answers RIGHT NOW.

This is just the tip of our research iceberg. NTUF is also home to an important tax complexity study that shows how much our complex Tax Code costs you, and with the 2016 election season already heating up, our candidate studies will give you the most accurate and objective information available to cut through the campaign rhetoric.

With so many projects and research efforts, there’s one thing that we need from you: support. Thousands of taxpayers from every state in the Union have helped us through their own tax-deductible contributions. We need you to follow through and help us keep the lights on.

Why donate to NTUF? Being a nonprofit organization, you can rest assured that every dollar you give will go to score more proposals, dig deeper into fiscal issues at the state and federal levels, and bring more attention to the dollar figures that big spenders want to hide from you.

I joke that our staff should be called the Fiscal Avengers; it’s not far off. We’re doing cutting-edge stuff but it’s not without cost.

Your help will mean the difference between a well-informed citizenry and a fiscal catastrophe. It’s your turn to step up and help us out. It’s our time to show the taxpayer-haters we’re willing to fight for our future and America’s success.

Please consider contributing $5, $10, or $20 to NTU Foundation and we will continue to avenge your tax dollars. Will you join us?